Sonomax S.r.l. produces completely digitalized ultrasonic generators and welders, easy to use and to install. providing quality and guaranteed technology with efficient welding solutions, obtaining optimal and enduring weld. In manual applications indication of welding result are obtained are visualized on generator display, whereas in automatic systems operated by any PLC through input/output signals.
Sonomax provides highly specialized technical service and support, with the know-how to follow a customer from the initial development till the end result of a new application, making available our technical laboratory for all preliminary testing.
Our technical and commercial staff have a twenty year experience and knowledge in the ultrasonic welding technologies, applied to the various market fields such as plastic, textile/nonwovens, automotive, food, thermoforming and many others.
All our products, 20Khz – 30Khz – 40Khz are entirely produced by Sonomax and quality certified, ensuring reliability and safety, therefore released with necessary documentation for all type of installation and be used safely.
Sonomax is also able to provide the necessary technical service, both on ultrasonic generators and welders of any make and model.