Ultrasonic welding in automotive field

Accelerate your performance

There are thousands of thermoplastic components in cars, many of them can be welded with ultrasonic technology.Whether it is position light, air filter, bumper or thermoplastic materials for interior doors is possible to achieve high standards that this field requires.  

We collaborate with a lot of constructors to which we guarantee reliability, safety, high welding, no deburring and an high quality of the welded products. Thanks to the interchangeability of the equipment, it’s possible to replace tools in few minutes, avoiding a production stop.

Furthermore, with our system all the parameters are monitorable through PLC and software, guaranteeing constancy, precision and excellent welding results. Our equipment can be applied on a robotic system but it’s also possible to use them manually or in an automatic line. The Sonomax team is available to support you in every process of the application, from the prototype stages and the development to the production. Contact us to explain your needs!

Weldable Pieces


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