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Ultrasonic experts for industrial application

Sonomax S.r.l. produces completely digitalized ultrasonic generators and welders, easy to use and to install. providing quality and guaranteed technology with efficient welding solutions, obtaining optimal and enduring weld. In manual applications indication of welding result are obtained are visualized on generator display, whereas in automatic systems operated by any PLC through input/output signals.

Our technical and commercial staff have an extensive experience in the ultrasonic world, applied to many sectors: plastic, textile, packaging, automotive, food & beverage, thermoforming etc.. Thanks to the acquired know-how, Sonomax is able to guarantee qualified competencies that support the client from the development of a new application, with the help of preliminary tests, to the final result. Sonomax can also intervene on every ultrasonic generator and welder of any brand and model.

The ultrasonic technology uses the vibration to merge and weld plastic materials. The generator transforms and amplifies the frequency 50/60 Hz, which is converted from the piezoelectric transducer in movement energy and thus transferred to the material through the sonotrode. This contact determines a local fusion.

The ultrasonic technology is the right solution when quick execution, good aesthetic quality and many contemporaneous activities are required:


In regards to different activities, application fields and client’s needs, Sonomax offers different types of products that can differentiate according to frequency, power and interface. Our company manufactures ultrasonic generators and standard or custom vibrating group which can perform high precise welding and cutting operation, with encoder for reading the welding quote and the consequent parameter of welding deep, energy, power and amplitude of vibration. All the products 20-30-40 kHz are equipped with digital display, on which the operator can easily set the principal parameters in order to obtain a perfect welding or cut. All the products can also be controlled remotely by a PLC.


Furthermore, all of the equipment manufactured by our company are issued with documentation and instruction manual. They can be installed in any place and they can be easily used in total safety. The continuous research of technological development and the quality of the materials, allows to our company to provide high quality product that stand out on the market for reliability, repeatability of process, security and controls.

Our mission is to solve your problems. This means that we really work next to the client, processing targeted and focused strategies to provide custom, practical and punctual solutions. Sonomax always undertakes to follow every companies with constancy and attention, taking advantage of a team that work in synergy to obtain effectives and efficient results.

Our mission is based on four fundamentals pillars:

  • Listening and comprehension of your needs
  • Advice and preliminary tests, in our laboratory or in your company 
  • Design and technical development ad hoc
  • Assistant and support after sale


The constant growth registered from Sonomax during these years, is the evidence of the efficiency of our work, of the satisfaction of our clients and of our good reputation.


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