Handgrips for ultrasonic welding and cutting

Sonomax ultrasonic manual handgrips are ideal for spot welding and are made in highly resistante and well isolated material, all guaranteed electrical safety and EC marked.

The handgrips allow a correct, easy and well balanced hold.

They have various frequencies (20-30-40 kHz) / power / amplitude / weight and have interchangeable sonotrodes for the different types of welding.

Pistol Handgrip

(Frequencies: 20-30-40 kHz)

Our light and ergonomic handgrip has been developed to adapt the handle for both left and right handed.

The handgrip is made of highly resistant plastic material, well isolated, guaranteed electrical safety and EC marked.

This handgrip is designed for spot welding of plastic parts.

Plastic Manual Handgrip

Frequencies: 30-40 KHz

Perfect for cutting in curvilinear and freestyle form or following an outlined shape.
Used by making the handgrip lightly run along the textile.

Manual Compact Handgrip

Frequencies: 30-40 KHz

Specifically made for cut and weld complex parts with difficult welding surface or for a small production series.


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