Linear actuators

Attuatori lineari compatti per saldatura a ultrasuoni


The Sonomax ultrasonic linear actuators work together with the Sonomax generators series SX or PSX (with PLC) in the 20-30-40 kHz frequency ranges.

Our actuators facilitate the installation to the semi-automatic or automatic systems, of our vibrating group together with the part for the electro pneumatic movement, since they are designed for this purpose.

The Sonomax linear actuator completely exploits the ultrasonic generators’ capacity. Due to its compactness it can be directly assembled onto the machine framework or or on a support, guaranteeing a strong and flex-free hold for a high-quality and enduring weld.

Technical Details

  • Reduced width for installation in small spaces
  • Electro-pneumatic drive
  • Controlled low voltage electro valve
  • High precision pressure regulator with condensation filter drain
  • Pressure indicator with pressure level in bar adequate to the application type.
  • Pressure switch with adjustable pressure ranges or alternatively quote sensor for weld initialization.
  • High precision mechanical stop
  • End cycle sensor to start new cycle
  • Pneumatic cylinder with correct diameter dimensions and cycle length for the part to be welded, considering the frequency and power of the ultrasonic generator.
  • Line-up operation of sonotrode/anvil
Sonomax 20 kHz Linear Actuator

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