Ultrasonic Welders

For thermoplastic materials

PSX Series

PSX Touch Series

PSX Logica Series

Saldatrice a ultrasuoni PSX20 Logica Sonomax


The PSX series welders are designed to weld plastic parts of all dimensions and can be used manually on a workbench or installed on automatic systems.
The backlit digital display makes it easy to control the main parameters for optimal welding.
The bespoke sonotrodes are designed and produced taking in consideration the application in order to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Technical Details

  • Power supply: 230 V (115V – 240V available on request)
  • EMC line filter
  • Electro-pneumatic drive
  • Controlled low voltage electro valve
  • High precision pressure regulator with condensation filter drain
  • Pressure switch with adjustable pressure ranges 0,5 – 10 bar or alternatively electronic load cell 0,5 – 200 kg.
  • Trigger time adjustment
  • Welding time adjustment
  • Cooling time adjustment
  • Energy adjustment
  • 30% – 100% amplitude adjustment (optional)
  • Adjusting quota with brushless motor (optional)
  • Frequency control
  • Energy adjustment
  • Piece counter function
  • Circuit overload protection
  • Temperature protection circuit
  • Cooling fan

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