Horns, boosters, converters

Made in our mechanical workshop. Customizable in aluminum, titanium and steel

The equipment is the result of our great experience gained in various application sectors.

We offer a wide selection of sonotrodes which are adapted, depending on the different applications, to your requirements.

Using theFinite Element Analysis (FEA), we analyze the critical factors for designing equipment with the best possible combination of acoustic and mechanical properties.

Each Sonomax sonotrode-both standard and customized-is made of materials of the highest quality, designed and fine-tuned to meet the most exacting standards.

Ultrasonic welding sonotrodes

The 20-30-40 kHz sonotrodes in aluminum or titanium are manufactured with the most advanced techniques in our machine shop.

For most of the ultrasonic applications, standard sonotrodes can be used (available from our stock), without being modified.

They are available in the following configurations: step, catenoidal, exponential, rectangular or bar, circular (solid or hollow), as well as sonotrodes with threaded or compound tips and made with different shapes and widths.

It is also possible to make various types of aluminum and titanium sonotrodes according to specific needs, both in various sizes and with different treatments or coatings (tungsten carbide, tefloning).

It is also possible to design sonotrodes following the parts in contact with the part to be welded or from a drawing developed with technical drawing software such as Solid Works, Autocad or similar.

Ultrasonic welding booster

We have a wide range of models with different frequencies, powers and gear ratios made of aluminum and titanium.

Boosters are the acoustically calibrated elements which allow mechanical amplification of the ultrasonic signal when a higher amplitude is required to obtain optimum welding.

They are used to adjust the amplitude, between the ultrasonic transducer and the sonotrode.


Sonomax has a various range of converters in regards of the frequency (20-30-40 kHz) and available powers (from 250W to 2500Watt). They are designed and realised with different advanced measuring systems.

The piezoelectric transducers, also known as converters or emitters, are very important elements of the ultrasonic technology.
The function of the transducer/converter is to convert the electrical power supplied by the ultrasonic generator into mechanical vibrating energy, by using different chemical-physical features, through the piezoelectric elements.

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