Ultrasonic sonotrodes, boosters and converters

Alluminium, titanium and stainless steel customisations for the highest efficiency

Sonomax tooling has matured from a wide experience in the various applications.

We offer a wide range of sonotrodes (horns), for this reason you can inform us of your type of application and the sonotrode most suitable to your requirements, will be supplied.  

By using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the critical factors for the development of tooling can be analyzed with best possible combination of acoustic and mechanical properties.

All Sonomax sonotrodes – whether standard or personalized – are made of excellent quality materials, and developed to satisfy the highest standard specifications.

Sonotrodi per saldatura a ultrasuoni Sonomax


I sonotrodi 20-30-40 kHz in alluminio o titanio sono realizzati con le tecniche più avanzate nella nostra officina meccanica.

For most of the ultrasonic applications, standard sonotrodes can be used (available from our stock), without being modified.

Available in the following configurations: stepped, catenoidal, exponential, rectangular or bar, circular (solid or hollow), also available sonotrodes with threaded tips or composite and made with different forms and amplitudes.

Furthermore it is possible to produce sonotrodes in aluminum and titanium following your specific personal requirements. For example, sonotrodes can be made according to certain needed measurements and following the contact points of the parts to be welded or can be developed with a technical design software like solid works, AutoCAD or similar.

Development of sonotrodes: Sonomax is also capable of producing special and unique sonotrodes, that apply to your specific application. For example, we can design sonotrodes of various dimensions and with various treatments or coatings (tungsten carbide, Teflon). All sonotrodes are carefully tested beforehand in our laboratory.

Booster 20 kHz Sonomax


Sonomax has a wide range of models with different frequencies, power, amplification tuning. They are made of aluminum and titanium.

Boosters are the acoustically calibrated elements which allow mechanical amplification of the ultrasonic signal when a higher amplitude is required to obtain optimum welding.
They are used to adjust the amplitude, between the ultrasonic transducer and the sonotrode.
Trasduttori piezoelettrici per saldatura a ultrasuoni Sonomax


Sonomax has a various range of converters in regards of the frequency (20-30-40 kHz) and available powers (from 250W to 2500Watt). They are designed and realised with different advanced measuring systems.

The piezoelectric transducers, also known as converters or emitters, are very important elements of the ultrasonic technology.
The function of the transducer/converter is to convert the electrical power supplied by the ultrasonic generator into mechanical vibrating energy, by using different chemical-physical features, through the piezoelectric elements.

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