Handles for ultrasonic plastic welders

Ultrasonic manual welding machines for plastics

The Sonomax ultrasonic hand grips are ideal for spot welding of plastic parts and are made of highly resistant material and insulated in accordance with electrical safety regulations.

These handles allow the operator a correct and easy grip and their weight is well balanced.

Ultrasonic hand grips can be of different frequencies (20-30-40 kHz), power/amplitude/weight and have interchangeable sonotrodes to perform different types of work.

Handle pistol grip

(Frequencies: 20-30-40 Khz)

Ideal for spot welding plastic (bodywork, bumpers...)

Our handle, lightweight and ergonomichas been developed to adapt the handle to the hand of right-handed and left-handed.

The plastic material highly resistant with which they are made and insulated, guarantees the electrical safety in compliance with regulations.


Handle plastic sleeve

(Frequencies: 30-40 Khz)

Perfect for cutting curves and shapes freehand or following a template.
It is used by sliding the sleeve over the fabric and applying very light pressure.

Reduced grip

(Frequencies: 30-40 Khz)

Specification for cutting and welding complex parts with hard-to-reach welding areas or for small series production.

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