Sewing machine

Ultrasonic sewing machine

Description and technical features

The MCR series ultrasonic sewing machine is designed for continuous and overlap sewing of synthetic - thermoplastic fabrics.
The heart of the machine is controlled by a microprocessor to achieve reliability and guarantee the quality and reproducibility of the weld.
It can be used on a bench by an operator or, on request, with customisations regarding the dimensions of the bench, possible guides or be inserted in an automatic system.
Its technology allows all its functions to be used as indicated on the backlit display for optimum results, and it is easy to use thanks to its intuitive menu and keys that directly call up the variables.
The shape, size and materials of the contrast rollers are designed and manufactured with the application in mind to best meet the customer's requirements.

Standard features and equipment

  • Digital technology
  • User interface and process visualisation
  • Electro-pneumatic drive
  • Low voltage servo-controlled solenoid valve
  • High precision pressure regulator with semi-automatic/automatic condensate drain filter
  • Electronic speed control and start ramp management (soft start)
  • Separate electric drive for contrast wheel and sonotrode
  • Amplitude adjustment 30-100% (optional)
  • Real-time digital power and frequency control
  • Possibility of reversing the direction of rotation of the system
  • Timed continuous stitching
  • Additional puller or drag (optional)
  • Storable welding programs
  • Remote interface for use with PLC
  • Extremely easy replacement of contrast wheels
  • Overload, temperature and emergency protection circuit

MCR20 Ultrasonic Stapler

Special sewing machine for filters

We have developed a new system for welding pleated filters, achieving excellent results in terms of time, repeatability and aesthetics.

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