Cutting for automatic lines

Automatic ultrasonic cutting


These Sonomax ultrasonic cutting systems are ideal for simultaneously cutting and welding synthetic or partially synthetic fabrics precisely and without fraying.

They are designed to be installed on cutting rails and looms for weaving or automatic lines and for continuous processing.

This ultra-low energy technology uses vibrations and, unlike a hot system, does not require heating and cleaning time for the cutting blade, resulting in perfectly clean, even and burn-free edges.

Technical specifications

These automatic ultrasound systems can be of different frequency (20-30-40 Khz), power, amplitude and weight, are combined with SX series generators and have interchangeable sonotrodes and wheels to perform different types of cutting.

In addition, all ultrasonic cutting units for insertion in automatic systems or lines, as they can be subject to continuous movement, are equipped with a shielded, extremely flexible cable on mobile laying with a small bending radius, resistant to traction and stress for heavy-duty applications in cable chains, to guarantee reliability and safety.

Selvedge cutting structure

Selvedge cutting structure, ultrasonic Sonomax

This ultrasonic cutting unit is ideal for selvedge cutting/welding or edging and is equipped with a cooling hood for continuous applications.
This unit can be equipped with rollers with different cutting angles to obtain a more or less pronounced cut/weld and meet customer requirements.

Pneumatic cutting structure

Pneumatic structure with aluminium housing 40 kHz

This sleeve is suitable for insertion in automatic lines or plotter-type systems and, depending on the application, can be suitably equipped with a cooling hood, fixing block or double-cylinder pneumatic slide suitably sized in terms of maximum thrust and mechanical stroke.

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