Cutting on automatic systems

Ultrasonic automatic cutting


These systems are ideal for cutting and welding in simultaneous both synthetic or partially synthetic textiles in a precise way and avoiding fraying of fabric.

They are developed to be installed on cutting tracks and textile looms or automatic systems and to work on continuously.

This ultrasonic vibration technology uses a low energy consumption, and is very different to the hot systems. No need for heating up period and no need to clean cutting blades. Obtains perfectly clean, uniform and un-burnt edges

Technical Features

These Sonomax ultrasonic systems have a range of frequencies (20-30 – 40 kHz), power /amplitude / weight, and can be combined with the series SX generator. They have interchangeable sonotrodes/small wheels for the different type of cutting.

Furthermore, all our ultrasonic cutting systems or automatic systems installation units, are subject to continuous movement and highly dynamic applications, therefore these are fitted with total shield cables which are extremely flexible and prevent corkscrew/core breakage, high tension stress resistant and less abrasion on energy chain applications. Guarantying reliability and safety.

Loom ultrasonic cutting structure

Selvedge cutting frame, ultrasonic Sonomax

Ideal for loom or edge cutting/welding and are supplied with a cooling element to work in continuous mode.
These units can be equipped with small wheels at different cutting angles, to obtain a more precise cut/weld, as per customers’ requirements.

Pneumatic cutting structure

Pneumatic structure with aluminum sleeve 40 kHz

This Sonomax cylinder is ideal to install on automatic systems or plotter type systems, and depending on the application type and conveniently be equipped with a cooling element, fixing element or pneumatic guide at a proper mechanical stroke/motion.

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